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Among the ever-churning sea and the changing circumstances of the human condition, two questions have remained static and universal: “Where did we come from?” and “Where are we going?”
At different ages, the human story, individuals, and organizations have appeared on the scene claiming to have the answers. It may have depended on geographic location and time of birth, the druids, the church, or the local shaman, but in one form or another (regardless if true or imagined) the answers to these questions seemed forthcoming.

Still, the questions persisted, as each individual answer seemed somewhat unsatisfying. Today, we live in a thoroughly secular and disenchanted world, where things we are told always have a rational explanation. Yet, despite thousands of years of intellectual endeavor on the part of mankind, we still ask ourselves the great questions. Where once priests in white robes attempted to answer, today professors in white lab coats attempt to do the same.

However, the modern world comes full circle. The more we understand quantum physics, the core of our own consciousness, and the outer limits of mathematics, the more we begin to speak in a more magical language. G.K. Chesterton, a twentieth-century English author once wrote, “Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, for we make fiction to suit ourselves.” What if the secret to the two big questions [“Where did we come from?” and “Where are we going?”] were with mankind since the beginning, just behind the scenes, ensuring that order triumphs over chaos? And what if the insurmountable complexity of these two questions is a fiction that we’ve built for ourselves to compensate for our own unwillingness to think beyond our own preconceived notions?

That is what the Order of the White Road represents: simple and impossible truth about the nature of the universe and your place within it.

By joining the Order of the White Road, you set down a path of discovery, searching for the answers to these fundamental and ancient questions. Today, the White Road has the same infrastructure that every modern center of higher learning has at its disposal to ensure your pursuit of knowledge is delivered on your terms.

Knowledge within the Order is pursued in conveniently modular classes that cover an array of topics, including hermetic philosophy, theology, Kabbalah, meditation, divination, history, ritual magick, alchemy, and many others. Each course has its own teacher and assistants, all to which each student has access for questions, comments, and further guidance. This is on top of the class forums which are individualized by class sections and are viewable not just by teachers but also by other students, ensuring that more experience students can offer guidance as well as teachers.

In your journey down the White Road, you’ll learn to meditate and gain the foundations of what you need to know to pursue almost any avenue of ancient teachings. Many of these courses could qualify at the university level and are taught by professionals in their fields.

A Fully Interactive, Online School

Learning is fast, efficient, and accessible from anywhere.

The At-Will System

All tests are retakeable and learning is self-paced.

A Mentor Program

Each person who joins the Order receives a more experienced member or master to guide them personally.

Placement Within One of Our Seven Schools

Each person who joins the Order receives a more experienced member or master to guide them personally.

Local Regencies (Where Applicable)

Access to a local community of fellow seekers as well as the worldwide Order online.

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